The brand needed to be bold and confident while retaining a trustworthiness and sensitivity that was central to the organisation’s values, vision and mission.

Our aim was to rediscover and represent the vibrancy and inclusiveness the charity was founded on. The ‘US’ in Trust was highlighted while also creating a more dynamic strapline treatment. Marketing materials and digital formats replicated this by focussing on the charity’s service users and the good life that Edward Lloyd Trust has helped them have.

Imagery of service users was used extensively and became a key feature of the Edward Lloyd Trust rebrand. We ensured that service users were integral to the visual personality of the brand, celebrating the positive and tangible impact the organisation’s dedicated work had on thousands of people throughout its rich history.

This positivity and celebration was also reflected in the use of a bold and zesty colour palette which had a fun, inspiring feel that still retained a strong sense of professionalism.

In late 2016 Edward Lloyd Trust merged with Hft.