Everything is my Design at North East Digital Showcase

Published 11 September 2017

Everything is my Design Creative Director Mickey Devine appeared on the bill of North East Digital Showcase at Campus North last week.

The showcase is a monthly network and showcase event open to all in the digital sector and beyond. Organised by the talented team over at Campus North, Campus North is a co-working and event space for tech meetups, startups and established businesses which has been recognised as being one of the best in Europe.

The evening consisted of a series of excellent talks from Ezoic, Nebula Labs, Natalia Blagburn and of course, Everything is my Design. The speakers shared their journeys, lessons learnt, product developments and future plans followed by a Q&A and feedback from the audience.

Mickey’s talk was titled ‘Sensitive Chaos and Friday Pints’. The talk highlighted Everything is my Design’s brand attributes and the foundations that inform our studio culture.

One of these key attributes is the sensitivity with which we approach an array of projects. This is particularly important in our work with non-profit and charitable organisations where sensitivity of approach is essential to understanding the needs of a project and is crucial to its success.

Mickey also highlighted the fundamental strategic importance of our weekly debrief; also known as ‘Friday Pints’. While the title may seem flippant, going for a few beers on a Friday is an important time for us to reflect, analyse, plan and eventually; relax and enjoy each others company outside of the pressures of busy studio life.

The North East Digital Showcase had a great atmosphere with lots of interesting take aways from the speakers. We enjoyed catching up with some familiar faces while also being introduced to lots of interesting new ones from an array of backgrounds, disciplines and stages in their journey.

Big thanks to the Campus North team for having us, providing the delicious beers and for their ongoing support of the North East digital, creative and tech scene. And a notable mention also goes out to Samosa Sisters for the excellent food!

If you’d be interested in Everything is my Design talking at your event we’re keen to do more. Contact us on studio@everythingismydesign.com if you’d like to discuss.